Tslab 2 0 parinktys. SPKG2 Bulk Ceramic Slab Resistor 45W 50Ohm ±10% Ohmite

The aim tslab 2 0 parinktys the project was to improve product quality with two innovative concepts for an optimised heat transfer for slab casting of ultra low carbon and peritectic steels.

tslab 2 0 parinktys

Rodyti daugiau Industrial trials were carried out aiming at adjusted heat transfer in the mould. Both concepts were accompanied by physical modelling, numerical modelling with CFD as well as FEM codes and laboratory trials.


The industrial trials of the SCPC were prepared by pilot plant trials. The LDCC was developed by numerical modelling and tested in an industrial trial.

The expected temperature increase in the copper walls was measured but the trials had to be aborted because the mould sealing was damaged.

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However, no significant difference to standard production could be proven. Examination of SCPC data measured during pilot plant trials suggested a decrease in heat flux around the meniscus.

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Assessment of the pilot plant cast product indicated a significant improvement in surface quality. However, VASL decided after weighting of all arguments not to proceed with an industrial trial.

tslab 2 0 parinktys

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