Vertinimo galimybių teorija. Vertinimo galimybių teorija

vertinimo galimybių teorija

vertinimo galimybių teorija

Despite that, the government role in economics is still substantial and the market most probably can not exist without it. In situations when the market itself can not quickly and eff ectively respond to problems for the benefit of the society the government still have to take the leading role.

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However, decisions on the regulating measures to be implemented have to be made with care and thoroughly evaluated in advance. The current methodology on the evaluation of regulating measures imposed by the government of Lithuania does not ensure transparent and vertinimo galimybių teorija evaluation of the regulating measures.

Zeitgeist: Judame Pirmyn (2011)

The article reviews foreign practice and examines the possibilities of using the cost-benefi t analysis used world-wide for the evaluation of investment projects for governments for the evaluation of the regulation measures to be implemented. Specifi c features of the cost-benefit analysis are examined and the specifi c needs of evaluation of the regulation measures are being addressed.

The hypothetical example of application of the methodology is presented.

vertinimo galimybių teorija

The conclusions are drawn at the end - the cost-benefit analysis even vertinimo galimybių teorija having some drawbacks is found to be able to signifi cantly improve the quality of the analysis of possible impact of the implementation of regulating measures.

Å iuolaikinÄ—je ekonomikoje pagrindinius rinkos veiksnius reguliuoja pati rinka. Straipsnio pabaigoje atliekamas hipotetinÄ—s reguliavimo priemonÄ—s vertinimas.

vertinimo galimybių teorija

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